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Green Garden plant school – nature’s miracles

This new plant school range in our Green Garden line consists of three plant sets for the curious little amateur gardener.

With the new plant set, we want to help children play and learn in nature. Studies show that playing and spending time out in nature strengthens health, motor skills and well-being for children aged 0-6 years.

The relationship and connection that children have to nature can affect them the rest of their lives. The plant sets can therefore help develop the interest children have in nature, bring them closer to nature’s small miracles and teach them the ‘farm to table’ principle through play.

Play for all ages – several play experiences in the same product

The mini-greenhouse set has high playing value since there are three play functions in the same set:

  • The mini-greenhouse can be used to grow plants. The size is also suitable for the windowsill.
  • Toy vegetables and ‘soil slabs’ are included, so play is always possible – even in the winter half year.
  • Together with the soil slabs and toy vegetables, the flowerpots also work as a simple sorting box for the youngest, so that they can train their fine motor control and learn about colours when they try to place vegetables in the correct holes.

This mini-greenhouse set consists of a garden frame, three flowerpots, three soil slabs, an onion, two radishes, three carrots, three dibbles and labels.


Coming soon as a preschool set!



Green Garden plant set

A real plant set where you can grow sprouts. The child can track the growth of the sprout using the measuring lines of the dibble. The set can also act as a play set.


Green Garden mini-greenhouse set

A real plant and play set in one, where you can grow sprouts on the windowsill. An opening at the bottom of the greenhouse makes sure that extra water from the flowerpots can drain away.


BIO plant set

A fantastic plant set, which makes it exciting to watch as the sprout turns into a flower and to understand the connection between what is happening. Made of Nordic Swan Ecolabelled bioplastic. The plant set consists of Danish-made bioplastic toys from dantoy, produced from 90% sugarcane (a by-product of sugar production).

BIO_made in dk_blå

dantoy has been a producer of high quality Danish children’s toys for more than 50 years.

We are proud that 100 percent of our products now carry the Nordic Ecolabel. 


dantoy is also food approved. See our approval here.


dantoy is a partner of Operation Clean Sweep, which is working for a cleaner environment and whose aims include reducing the discharge of plastic granules from manufacturing companies into the sea. Learn more about Operation Clean Sweep here.