Made from 100% recycled Nordic Swan Ecolabelled materials 


The products chosen for this line of toys let children explore nature. Young children are especially vulnerable to chemicals in their environment. GREEN BEAN toys comply with strict environmental and health requirements.

Nordic Swan Ecolabel requirements

When bringing new toys to life from waste products, dantoy is required to know exactly which kinds of plastics are being reused. The waste product used in GREEN BEAN toys is collected from our in-house production, which is Nordic Swan Ecolabelled and therefore we can ensure a recycled product which lives up to the highest safety and environment standards.

A unique toy

GREEN BEAN toys are one of a kind, no two will look exactly alike due to the recycling process. The different shades of colour in these products are created by randomly mixing the plastic waste that is available at the given time.

GREEN BEAN products are limited edition toys, as they are produced from our own excess waste materials we have in stock, which makes this line of toys even more unique.

Sustainable Development Goals

We at dantoy want to focus on and work with the Sustainable Development Goals set forth by United Nations. It is an ongoing process. We want to constantly move in the right direction, improving our impact on our environment in a positive way. Reusing our excess waste materials from our in-house production is one more step in the right direction.