Philosophy of Play


The best play experts are children


Play is important because it is crucial to a child’s development and for stimulating his/her senses, imagination and social skills.

dantoy play is a perfect combination of creative, imaginative and physical development where the child immerses himself/herself in the play so completely that it can be difficult to leave it again. Therefore, the mantra for all our products is:

"Long-lasting, educational and imaginative play experiences"


We involve children early on in our product development, including through our rewarding cooperation with daycare institutions. The knowledge and experience we continuously glean from this are an important foundation for the rewarding play we call dantoy play.


Imaginative play


Imaginative play is characterised by a child freely expressing his/her imaginative world. Healthy imaginative play lets us invent and explore alternative realities and try out different situations.

Imaginative play is a particularly good way to develop social skills and empathy. It teaches us to perceive situations from the perspective of others and to understand the interconnection between the behaviour and intentions of others. Through social imaginative play, children learn to work creatively and constructively with one another’s input.

*Source: Play User Lab 

Role play

“In role-playing, the child plays a specific part familiar to him/her from home, daycare or television, etc.

The child plays a character or depicts a situation, which develops the child both physically and mentally. Role-play is also largely about interacting with others. It helps develop the child’s social skills, such as his/her ability to share and work together.”

Source: dantoy development department