In the Vehicle category, dantoy offers a wide range of vehicles for the little ones as well as for the slightly older ones.

For the youngest ones, we offer dantoy Funcars which are very colourful and with each their cheerful expression. These may be used both indoor and outdoor, and they withstand both sand and water. The cars are easily hand cleaned. They are approved for children as young as 12 months and fit perfectly in small hands.

In addition, we also offer dantoy racing cars in different designs and different colours and shapes, as either a toy airplane, a racing car or a truck.

Furthermore, our range includes the classic toy cars, toy tractors, toy trucks, etc., manufactured in rich yellow, blue and red colours with both plastic and rubber wheels. Here, the child has a rich opportunity to strengthen the fine motor control, as the cars each have an inherent function, besides being able to run both forwards and backwards.

The giant trucks (two designs) are perfect for the kindergarten or for large areas. They are rated to 50 kg.